Saint’s Constable School

The Saint’s Constable School is the designation of the method of teaching and technique developed by the master Nuno Russo through the in-depth study and experience of training and combat of the technique of Esgrima Lustiana | Jogo do Pau Português.

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Esgrima Lusitana Cascais Online Store

Articles for the sport of Jogo do Pau Português – Esgrima Lusitana, or simply for use with a casual sporty style. T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, training equipment, weapons and simulators

Where and How to Practice the Traditional Portuguese Martial Art

Discover the locations, schedules and other activities developed by the various nuclei of Esgrima Lusitana

Where to Learn Jogo do Pau Português | Esgrima Lusitana

The Association Esgrima Lusitana Cascais | Jogo do Pau has made an effort to establish itself in clubs and schools over the last few years, both in Portugal and abroad. We regularly keep several open training sessions and demonstration events among other training and dissemination activities, you can stay informed about these events here.

It is our goal to reach as many athletes, supporters and supporters as possible through the creation of a network of training centers.

If you want to practice Jogo do Pau Português | Esgrima Lusitana (Portuguese Stickfighting), just get in touch and come join and join us in a experience lesson. (more…)

Aula Aberta a Crianças de 4 a 6 anos, posição e cumprimento inicio de aula da Esgrima Lusitana Cascais.

Blog about the Esgrima Lusitana - Jogo do Pau Martial Art.

Follow our Blog, we will try to keep it up to date, with technical content and a solid responsible base.

Jessica atleta da Esgrima Lusitana Cascais antes de um combate

Quando a técnica está correcta e os resultados não aparecem

Há alturas, no treino/aprendizagem de cada atleta, em que conseguimos reconhecer que este apresenta uma técnica correcta mas que lhe falta eficácia, aplicabilidade ou capacidade de atingir performances competitivas, se for o caso.

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