Como fazer varas de lodão para esgrima lusitana | jogo do pau

How to make a baton for Esgrima Lusitana | Jogo do Pau

We all know the importance that a good wooden stick has in the practice of the “Jogo do Pau”. This is an extension of the mind and body of the player, so, for each one there will be and optimal Stick.   According to some authors, the noble woods used…

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Jessica atleta da Esgrima Lusitana Cascais antes de um combate

When the technique is correct but you are not getting the results

There are times, in the training / learning of each athlete, where we can recognize that this one presents a correct technique but that lacks effectiveness, applicability or ability to reach competitive performances. In the case of the Esgrima Lusitana | Jogo do Pau Português, we often see a student…

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Demonstração de sarilhos da Escola do Santo Condestavel em Belém, Lisboa

“Sarilhos”, “Formas” and “Séries” in Jogo do Pau Português | Portuguese Stickfighting

Sarilhos, Formas and Séries are training methods in the “Jogo do Pau | Esgrima Lusitana” martial art that to some degree can be compared or described as the “Kata” of the Portuguese traditional martial art. These exercises are characterized by the absence of one or multiple opponents during the execution…

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Sinal com Numero 1 sobre mancha de sangue no chão como "prova" em cena de crime

Aptitude for Street fighting in Martial Arts and MMA

These days, we see on YouTube and TV a lot of MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters, coaches and promoters criticizing traditional martial arts, self-defence systems and so forth, usually presenting themselves as experts in everything concerning fighting and commenting on the lack of applicability these might have in real combat/…

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People Distracted in the street in a potencial self defense scenario

Can’t Learn Self-Defense in the Two-day Courses

I write this article to demystify a little of what is sold out there as courses, workshops and self-defense classes. In my opinion, “buying” (believing) 90% of these courses is more dangerous than not knowing anything at all. The reality of it is simple to understand. A man or woman…

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Esgrima Lusitana - Jogo do Pau a Arte Marcial Portuguesa treino na Quinta da Regaleira

Training for form or function? Martial Arts or Gym?

I Write this post with the awareness that I’m going to blow the lid off a lot of people … but I don’t really care. Let the criticisms, comments and insults come. Just remember we practice with wood sticks, we practice to hit to the body and usually, without protections.…

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