Sinal com Numero 1 sobre mancha de sangue no chão como "prova" em cena de crime

Aptitude for Street fighting in Martial Arts and MMA

These days, we see on YouTube and TV a lot of MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters, coaches and promoters criticizing traditional martial arts, self-defence systems and so forth, usually presenting themselves as experts in everything concerning fighting and commenting on the lack of applicability these might have in real combat/…

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People Distracted in the street in a potencial self defense scenario

Can’t Learn Self-Defense in the Two-day Courses

I write this article to demystify a little of what is sold out there as courses, workshops and self-defense classes. In my opinion, “buying” (believing) 90% of these courses is more dangerous than not knowing anything at all. The reality of it is simple to understand. A man or woman…

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