The Esgrima Lusitana Cascais Jogo do Pau Association, has as its purpose the propagation and instruction of the long-stick and combat baton Self-defence system of the Portuguese traditional martial art in the Cascais region.

This traditional martial art is part of Portugal’s history, culture and identity, it has been transformed and adapted to the interests of each school and practitioners, being at this moment embracing enough to be considered as a modern contact sport, with an active development in multiple components like:

. Competition Sport with regulations, and rankings;
. Maintenance and physical activity;
. Traditional Martial Art, included in the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA);
. Representation, Performance Activity.

Training in Esgrima Lusitana Cascais | Portuguese Stickfighting

Here we practice the Traditional Portuguese Martial Art, the personal defence system par excellence, in its traditional aspect the Long-stick as well as in the most recent component and with greater applicability in terms of personal defence, the Combat and Self-defence Baton according to the technique of Esgrima Lusitana | Jogo do Pau Português (Portuguese Stickfighting) developed by the “Escola do Santo Condestável”

In Cascais the training that we develop always aims at real combat, the practical application of what is the root of a pure technique of self-defence, we nevertheless include the other components  indicated above not by itself, but as a set of values ​​and knowledge which complement our training and development.

We want to be effective, and for this we have to test our abilities against our opponents, regardless of  is size, his speed or technique he uses …  In the end It’s in ourselves we will find our strongest opponent, and it’s this opponent that we have to overcome physically, technically and mentally …

Esgrima Lusitana - Jogo do Pau a Arte Marcial Portuguesa practice at Quinta da Regaleira

History of the Esgrima Lusitana Cascais | Jogo do Pau Association

The Esgrima Lusitana Cascais | Jogo do Pau Association is a non-profit association created on June 7, 2017, but has been developing its activities unofficially since 2013, performing regular training and participating in local activities and demonstrations.

The first regular training class began at the facilities of the Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Alcabideche in September 2013, and was held twice a week from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., guided by Professor Ricardo Moura.

In 2014, the Esgrima Lusitana Cascais Group moved its classes to the Recreational and Cultural Sports Group of CHESOL in Aldeia de Juso, where it began with only one class training twice a week now in post-work hours, guided by Professor Ricardo Moura, this local club became a strong supporter the growth of Esgrima Lusitana Cascais Group, over several years.

In 2017, more specifically in February of this year, besides the class of adults the project of the class of children with more than 5 years old was initiated, with a weekly training on Saturday morning it was designated the “Classe dos puxadores“, a reference to the name given to Northern players in the 19th century / beginning of the twenty century. This class was guided by Professor Ricardo Moura, with the support of the monitor António Garcia.

Later this year two additional schedules were set up, a morning class for adults and a Youth class (+11 years old) in which their parents could also participate, called “Classe de Varredores” (reference to the name given to famous players who went to fairs and pilgrimages to challenge others, already in the twentieth century), both classes are guided by the monitor António Garcia.

In April 2017, Esgrima Lusitana Cascais won its first title (the gold medal), by the hand of the athlete Pedro Brito, in the first edition of the World All Styles Championship that included the modality of Jogo do Pau | Esgrima Lusitana (stickfighting).

In March 2018, the Esgrima Lusitana Cascais Association returned to the World All Styles Championship in the Jogo do Pau | Esgrima Lusitana modality and collected all 3 medals in game (gold, silver and bronze), by the hands of the athletes Frederico Martins, Pedro Brito and Élio Lopes.

Since 2013 the group of Cascais has been represented in all competitions and championships held in the modality of Esgrima Lusitana | Jogo do Pau, with the occasional participation of some athletes, and by their teacher in the scope of the organization and /or arbitration.

Founding members of the Esgrima Lusitana Cascais | Jogo do Pau Association

This association was born by the hand of a dedicated group of Jogo do Pau | Esgrima Lusitana practitioners that united to practice, divulge and develop this traditional Portuguese Martial Art, taking as a principle that only through the organization and work in cooperation can this martial art be implemented and recognized in the sport, cultural and historical fields of Portugal.

– Ricardo Moura (President of the Association and Member of the Technical Council)
– Humberto Osório (President of the Assembly and Member of the Technical Council)
– Paulo Lopes (President of the Fiscal Council)
– António Garcia
– Jessica Gomes
– Pedro Brito
– Frederico Martins
– Élio Lopes
– Jose Canas Flores
– Vasco Moleiro

Members of Merit

Master Nuno Russo – Awarded on 09/30/2017, by the president of the Association Ricardo Moura