Shoulder strap to carry stick, staffs, batons or weapons


This adjustable shoulder strap is an original item from the Esgrima Lusitana Cascais Association in sturdy material and able to support and carry up to 3 wooden sticks/ staffs with unique and practical design for the martial artists that need to carry your weapons or simulators to the training. (wooden sticks not including)


Adjustable over the shoulder strap in sturdy material and capable of supporting and carrying up to 3 wooden sticks/ staffs.

With the exclusive design of Esgrima Lusitana Cascais it’s the most practical transportation system for the martial artist with weapons, it does not require the use of a bag and the wear of it by the weight and friction of the rods.

The Wood sticks/ staffs presented in these images are approximately 1.5m

Essential equipment for the Esgrima Lusitana – Jogo do Pau practitioner .

(does not include wooden sticks – you can check here this product)

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

Review Shoulder strap to carry stick, staffs, batons or weapons.

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