The Saint’s Constable School is the designation of the method of teaching and technique developed by the master Nuno Russo through the in-depth study and experience of training and combat of the technique of Esgrima Lustiana | Jogo do Pau Português.

Its objective is the development and perfection of a specialized training method with a strong martial component, with aim to the practical application of the technique in Combat and Personal Defence.

This technique is taught by Mestre Nuno Russo himself and his students in various places and clubs, among which is Esgrima Lusitana Cascais headed by professor Ricardo Moura.

The Ethics of the practitioner of Esgrima Lusitana

The Esgrima Lusitana | Jogo do Pau Português goes back to the use of blade weapons, namely of the “montante”, the Bastard sword (one and a half hand), the spear, the axe, the mass of arms, etc. This art was cultivated by Nobles and Knights, so your conduct should always be inspired by rules of behaviour and impeccability in all situations of life.

In this sense, and for having knowledge of an art of combat, the social responsibility of the practitioner is increased. You should only appeal to your Art in truly exceptional circumstances of self-defense and only when your physical or third-party integrity is at risk.

The Esgrima Lusitana | Jogo do Pau practitioner of the School of the Saint Constable:

  • Will cultivate the Righteousness of Character, Justice and Truth;
  • Will always strive to be just in all his actions and words;
  • Will always have Respect for his neighbour and for all beings;
  • Will seek to be Kind, Magnanimous, Tolerant, Loyal, Irrepressible in his dealings with others;
  • Will always seek what is best in himself expressing him in his daily life;
  • Will scrupulously respect all its commitments;
  • Will always seek to be more and more sober, in all his Judgements, on all that surrounds him;
  • Will never intentionally harm or injure someone;
  • Will always fight armed with Reason and Good Sense;
  • Will cultivate the Spurt in his actions, words, emotions and thoughts;
  • Will In all the challenges of life maintain a Sport Spirit


Rules of Behaviour and Organization of a Classroom

In order to raise the teaching of his technique to the highest level, and based on the tradition of the Esgrima Lusitana | Jogo do Pau Português and Traditional Martial Arts, the School of the Saint Constable (Escola do Santo Condestável) developed the following fundamental rules to structure a class according it’s Technical program.

More than technical development rules, this methodology aims to teach and train athletes with a set of principles and behaviours that honour the Portuguese Martial Art, the School of the Saint Constable, their students and mentors, and as such must be respected in all Classrooms.

Rules of behaviour:

  • The class should always begin with a Greeting to the Master / Counter-Master / Instructor / Monitor;
  • The student is titled as a gentleman (origin: knight) and Madam;
  • The student should always greet the teacher;
  • To the Master / Counter Master / Instructor / Monitor the student must respond “Yes Master”, “Yes Counter Master”, etc .;
  • The teacher, of any degree, should serve the student with loyalty;
  • The teacher should be a living example of courtesy and manners. He must act in accordance with the best social rules insofar as he represents the School of the Saint Constable in all his actions;
  • The student must always ask permission to enter the room and to leave it;

Rules of Instruction

  • The teacher should define a positive and engaging environment in class
  • The teacher should treat the students by name and should seek to have a personalized contact with the students
  • The teacher should correct and not criticize (focus on the positive side)
  • The teacher should enhance students’ positive behaviours
  • The teacher should answer the students’ questions wisely and sensibly
  • The teacher should set clear objectives for each class


The Esgrima Lusitana | Jogo do Pau athlete wears the black trousers proper for the practice of martial arts and white t-shirt, both with the letterings, logos and graduations (according to the guidelines defined by the School of the Saint Constable).
The full equipment is required after the 5th lesson.