Segunda forma da cruz do meio – Combat Exercise

Combat Exercise against multiple opponents – “Segunda forma da cruz do meio”

“Segunda Forma da Cruz do Meio”, exercise present in the technique of the Saint Constable School (Escola do Santo Condestável) for the graduation of Red Ribbon of 2nd Degree, this exercise aims at the simulation of a fight against several opponents, with the added difficulty of maintaining the coordination between 4 athletes.

Exercise performed by 4 athletes:: José Augusto, Carlos Fernandes, Nelson Neto e Sérgio Melo.

This exercise can be carried out time by time, or as in this case, performed at the time of the form, depending on the graduation and evolution level of the athletes.

Training filmed at Ginásio Clube Português under the direction of Master Nuno Russo.

Filmed by Ricardo Moura of Esgrima Lusitana Cascais

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