Where and how to Learn Jogo do Pau Português | Esgrima Lusitana in Cascais, Portugal

The Esgrima Lusitana Cascais Association has held several events in Cascais and a bit throughout the country both as demonstrations, training courses and open training sessions, however its presence in cascais is centered on the Grupo Desportivo RC CHESOL , in the Aldeia de Juso in Cascais, Portugal. This is where we perform most of the regular training classes.

If you want to practice Jogo do Pau Português | Esgrima Lusitana (Portuguese Stickfighting), just get in touch and come join and join us in a experience lesson.

We have regular classes according to the following schedules:

Treino Aberto de Esgrima Lusitana Cascais no Parque Marechal Carmona em Cascais

 Adults Class

  • Monday and friday from 8:30pm to 10pm
  • Tuesday from 8:30pm to 10pm Combat / Game training.



Competição de jovens na modalidade de Jogo do Pau | Esgrima Lusitana Realizada em Loures

Young People Class from 11yo forward – “Varredores” Class

  •  Tuesday and Friday from 6pm to 7pm



Aula Aberta a Crianças de 4 a 6 anos, posição e cumprimento inicio de aula da Esgrima Lusitana Cascais.

Children from 5yo forward – “Puxadores” Class

  • Saturdays 11pm to 11:45pm




Find Esgrima Lusitana Cascais here:

Grupo Desportivo RC da CHESOL
Rua Luís Camões 273, Bairro da CHESOL, Aldeia de Juso
2750-036 Cascais, Portugal.



On the other hand if you wish to appear in one of the events that we usually do, namely in the open trainings, you can register in the form that appears next to this text and you will receive all our updated information.


Contact us if you have any questions: